Fujitsu’s retail solution enabling the reduction of losses at the point of sale is now available directly from SAP as a Solution Extension.

This flexible, SAP-native web-based tool – part of Fujitsu’s Connected Retail portfolio of offerings -flags suspicious anomalies at the point of sale (POS), helping organizations detect and prevent both fraud and wider business process issues.

Fujitsu’s Loss Prevention Solution Extension is designed to help reduce losses from point of sale irregularities by searching and analyzing transaction data collected from in store POS terminals. Sophisticated techniques identify unusual or suspicious behavior patterns, generating near immediate, automated alerts and making it possible to address issues in real-time.

The Loss Prevention Solution is based on the SAP Customer Activity Repository platform, a foundation that consolidates retail transactional data that was previously spread over multiple independent applications in diverse formats. The Customer Activity Repository platform leverages SAP HANA’s in-memory computing to provide retailers with near real-time visibility over inventory, customer and POS sales information.

Fujitsu used the SAP Customer Activity Repository platform to develop one of the only SAP-native retail loss prevention solutions on the market today. This provides additional value to SAP CAR – delivering automated POS irregularity detection capabilities as well as enabling the fast, manual analysis of large volumes of data. This means retailers can compare transactions from individual operators or entire stores and establish benchmarks. What’s more is that data can be easily interrogated and results clearly presented with easy-to-understand graphics.

Richard Clarke, Fujitsu`s global head of retail, says: “While customer theft is a higher profile issue in terms of stock shrinkage, employee-caused incidents are actually responsible for the lion’s share of revenue loss in retail. These aren’t always as a result of malicious activities – unintentional deviations from processes are often at fault. When multiplied by tens of thousands of transactions at the tills every day, these can result in substantial lost revenue.

“To help detect and prevent these deviations, Fujitsu has created an intuitive tool, in close collaboration with SAP. This helps organizations detect and prevent point of sale deviations, minimizing revenue and profit losses caused by staff when they happen.”

Achim Schneider, global head of retail at SAP, adds: “As a co-creation effort with Fujitsu, we developed the loss prevention solution to enhance the functionality of the SAP CAR platform. Designed to address some of the most common scenarios encountered in the industry, the SAP Loss Prevention by Fujitsu Solution Extension opens many new use cases for retail users. The result is transformative insights that positively affect the bottom line to help deliver a rapid return on investment.”

The SAP Loss Prevention by Fujitsu Solution Extension has already been successfully deployed in multiple proofs of concept with major retailers.

The most recent addition to Fujitsu’s retail portfolio joins a comprehensive selection of tools, platforms and services encompassing the front and back office, including point of service, mobile and self-service solutions, end-to-end retail business applications including business analytics, customer loyalty and dynamic digital media. The solutions are delivered through a suite of managed IT services across the store, networks, applications and infrastructure.