ICT training academy Dynamic DNA has launched a programme aimed at creating employment and promoting entrepreneurship opportunities in South Africa.

Prudence Mabitsela, Dynamic DNA MD and co-founder, aims to promote entrepreneurship and skills development as a way of driving the youth to find practical solutions that will lead to job creation in the ICT sector.

The Dynamic DNA Entrepreneurship Programme leverages partnerships with the private sector and government to drive the 4IR digital economy, by motivating young ICT specialists to solve existing societal issues and to create employment, especially in the township economy.

“South Africa is facing an unemployment crisis and practical solutions are critical if we are to combat the unemployment rate, crime and many societal ills. South Africa is packed with possibilities and entrepreneurs, business and government partnerships are the key to unlocking these possibilities,” says Mabitsela.

“Through this programme, we aim to fast track job creation by encouraging proactive innovation in the ICT space, and provide a platform for business and government to connect with young, skilled ICT professionals who are able to contribute to the growth of the sector.”

4IR refers to new technologies that are shaping our lives and the world we live in, such as AI, IoT, automated vehicles, cloud computing, data analytics, robots and cyber security. As these technologies develop, new opportunities can be identified and developed to support the digital economy.

“Change is inevitable. Young entrepreneurs and business alike need to be ready to embrace such changes with new ideas that will drive South Africa forward,” says Mabitsela.

The programme invites Dynamic DNA graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset to submit their ideas about how they would solve social problems in the community. Through Dynamic DNA’s extensive network and partnerships with corporates and government, SMEs can showcase their abilities and capabilities to potential clients and/or business partners.

Dynamic DNA provides NQF specialised training, with a mentorship programme that partners newly qualified interns with tech companies, where they can gain practical, hands-on learning. Learners are also equipped with the soft skills necessary to function in a corporate or business environment,” says Mabitsela. “It is imperative that any ICT training programme takes the fundamental shift brought by 4IR into consideration in order for its skills development to remain relevant.”