Decision Inc, an information-driven transformation player and Microsoft Gold Partner, has partnered with Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Through this dynamic partnership Decision Inc’s South African, UK and Australian markets will build on the success of its longstanding business process engineering practice, and enable clients to improve efficiency and increase productivity with robotic process automation.

“Digital transformation is driving the massive requirements of next-gen technologies across industries of various sectors. Our Intelligent Digital Platform provides the required scale and efficiency for a business to grow by liberating employees from the repetitive mundane tasks, thus allowing them to focus on solving more significant business issues using intellect and creativity,” says Milan Sheth, executive vice-president: IMEA at Automation Anywhere.

Automation Anywhere, a global leader in RPA for over 15 years, operating in over 90 global locations, and currently have more than 1,5-million bots deployed. With the sustained delivery of the world’s most sophisticated Digital Workforce Platform, Automation Anywhere is the critical business provider in robotics and automation.

By partnering with such a strong global brand, Decision Inc’s focus remains on enhancing clients’ businesses.

Desmond Struwig, managing executive: intelligent operations at Decision Inc, says: “Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a key digital transformation investment for leaders and their enterprises. Deploying automation is reshaping the jobs of human employees, improving efficiency across any business or industry without changing the underlying system. Our partnership with Automation Anywhere strengthens our ability to support our clients across the entire data and information value chain, and we aim to continue delivering market-leading solutions with our technology and intelligence integration capability.”