Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery

Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery

The Azure Backup service backs up data to the Microsoft Azure cloud. You can back up on-premises machines and workloads, and Azure virtual machines (VMs).

Azure Backup delivers these key benefits:

Offload on-premises backup: Azure Backup offers a simple solution for backing up your on-premises resources to the cloud. Get short and long-term backup without the need to deploy complex on-premises backup solutions.

Back up Azure IaaS VMs: Azure Backup provides independent and isolated backups to guard against accidental destruction of original data. Backups are stored in a Recovery Services vault with built-in managed of recovery points. Configuration and scalability are simple, backups are optimized, and you can easily restore as needed.

Scale easily – Azure Backup uses the underlying power and unlimited scale of the Azure cloud to deliver high-availability with no maintenance or monitoring overhead.

Get unlimited data transfer: Azure Backup does not limit the amount of inbound or outbound data you transfer, or charge for the data that is transferred.

Outbound data refers to data transferred from a Recovery Services vault during a restore operation.

If you perform an offline initial backup using the Azure Import/Export service to import large amounts of data, there is a cost associated with inbound data.

Keep data secure: Azure Backup provides solutions for securing data in transit and at rest.

Get app-consistent backups: An application-consistent backup means a recovery point has all required data to restore the backup copy. Azure Backup provides application-consistent backups, which ensure additional fixes are not required to restore the data. Restoring application-consistent data reduces the restoration time, allowing you to quickly return to a running state.


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