Commvault has announced rich product and experience enhancements to Commvault Activate, its data insights and governance solution.

Commvault Activate gives customers greater visibility into their data, identifies opportunities for storage efficiencies, and manages risk.

The new enhancements include the addition of file access controls for File Storage Optimisation and new redaction functions with Sensitive Data Governance.

Additionally, Commvault introduced a flexible licensing scheme.

While the entire Commvault Activate suite continues to be available on a per user basis, organisations can now flexibly purchase Commvault Activate’s capabilities – File Storage Optimisation, Sensitive Data Governance and eDiscovery — on either a per terabyte basis (for use with file and VM data) or a per user basis (for use with email or Microsoft Office 365 data). Commvault Activate licenses can then be expanded as customer needs evolve.

“Enterprises today need to be ready to take on complex data governance, compliance and storage optimisation challenges if they want to avoid heavy government data privacy fines, reduce unnecessary IT costs, and build customer trust,” says Ranga Rajagopalan, vice-president of product management, Commvault. “Over the past year, Commvault Activate has empowered our customers to analyse their data and use that insight to drive optimisation of their unstructured data, reduce risks associated with their sensitive data, and enhance their data governance stance.

“Today, we build on this success, with more data governance capabilities, a simpler user experience and new pricing packages, to make it even easier for customers to use Commvault Activate to transform their data risks into data rewards.”

Commvault has also introduced Entitlement Management to the Activate File Storage Optimisation offering, enabling customers to better control their critical or sensitive data, and to apply changes necessary to lock down file access.

The user experience for File Storage Optimisation has been streamlined by consolidating the dashboards into the Commvault Command Centre for easier management and reporting. As a result, users can quickly access the various views when reviewing storage distribution and identify duplicated or orphan files for clients or client-groups.

Redaction is available when exporting files using Activate Sensitive Data Governance. For those who respond to GDPR Right-to-Access and other similar requirements, the export function will optionally redact sensitive data entities found within the files or emails.

The new flexible pricing options will be available to customers in early-November and through Commvault’s global ecosystem of partners.