Kathy Gibson is at Fujitsu Forum in Munich – Fujitsu has shaken up its management structures as part of its journey to becoming a digital transformation company.

Part of the company shake-up is an attempt to get closer to its customers, says Paul Patterson, head of northern and western Europe at Fujitsu.

Partnering is a strong focus, he adds, and the multi-cloud message has become a big play for Fujitsu.

“We believe that working with our customers, closer to the action, makes us more impactful. We focus on collaborating and working with partners,” Patterson adds.

Disruption is everywhere, he points out. The company is putting massive investments in R&D and hiring new people. “We are really focused on shifting the organisation to be more about digital transformation.”

Fujitsu focuses on infrastructure on one side, and digital services on the other, Patterson says.

The global delivery group is key to achieving these strategies.

There are about 23 000 people in the group, says Tim White, head of global delivery group at Fujitsu. “We are also there to support all regions and countries from which Fujitsu delivers services.”

He stresses that the group is focused on shifting to being a digital services company, building on its deep roots as an infrastructure player.

White points out that Fujitsu is committed to responsible business. “We are committed to solving society’s greatest challenges,” he says.

Part of this move is the new gateway centre launched today in Pune, India, to accelerate the adoption of digital transformation.

The Fujitsu Gateway will provide a central connection point for comprehensive, powerful demonstrations of Fujitsu’s Global Delivery capabilities, underpinned by a seamlessly integrated delivery model.

The Fujitsu Gateway is due to start welcoming customers from around the world, both physically at the facility in India, or digitally via Fujitsu global locations, from early 2020. It will bring the full breadth and depth of Fujitsu’s end-to-end capabilities to life, aiming to give customers an unforgettable experience.

It will offer content tailored to customers’ business priorities by pulling together the most relevant areas of Fujitsu’s advanced technological and industry expertise. This will showcase how Fujitsu can help businesses find the perfect combination of people, location, process, and technology to help them transform and grow.

The Gateway will virtually connect expertise from Fujitsu’s network of Global Delivery Centres, plus local teams around the world and Fujitsu’s headquarters in Japan. By providing a live experience, customers will get to see, first-hand, a true global delivery model and get a sense of the value that Fujitsu can provide as a global partner.

Visitors will have the chance to discover how Fujitsu’s single integrated delivery model allows global support for customers by tapping into a global network of experts. Built from environmental-friendly materials, the Gateway is being constructed and will operate in alignment with Fujitsu’s Responsible Business approach, and underlines how Fujitsu supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Thanks to its access to industry experts, the Gateway also highlights vertical capabilities in key market sectors, in addition to specialised delivery capabilities. These include workplace services, service desk, hybrid infrastructure, application services, business process outsourcing, security, network services, ERP and business innovation.

White adds: “As businesses have evolved, we’ve seen a significant change in what it means to be a global delivery partner. To support our customers effectively, we have increasingly focused on supporting their global digital transformation backed by an in-depth understanding of their business challenges.

“The ability to deliver, integrate and manage the combination of onsite, local, regional and global service capabilities provides customers with access to diverse language capabilities, technical skills, industry talent and service continuity capabilities.

“The Gateway will connect these capabilities and demonstrate them in a live environment. For example, a retail customer in Germany will experience first-hand the ability to provide global onsite services to shopfronts across the world, meet the team in Portugal that supports more than 23 languages, see innovation in retail from Japan and discuss the transformation of core applications to cloud with our team in India – all in one session.”