VMworld 2019, Barcelona – As expected, VMware is announcing a slew of new solutions, innovations and partnerships at its flagship EMEA conference and expo aimed at reinforcing its vision of a software architecture that enables any app, on any cloud, to any device.

The updates span VMware’s technology portfolio, with a spotlight on the company’s vision for intrinsic security, and transformation in the way enterprises build, run and manage software on Kubernetes.

“At VMworld US, we invited attendees to make their mark on the business world by accelerating technology-driven transformation. In our relentless pursuit of what’s possible, we are taking this even further at VMworld Europe,” says Chris Wolf, CTO Global Field and Industry, VMware. “The bold innovations we announced at the intersection of cloud, apps, networking, mobility and security will help customers pick up the pace.”

VMware detailed new and expanded security solutions that advance the company’s vision of intrinsic security, making it more automated, proactive and pervasive across the entire distributed enterprise. Announcements included:

• Dell will make Carbon Black Cloud, along with Dell Trusted Devices and Secureworks, the preferred endpoint security solution for Dell commercial customers;
• New VMware NSX Distributed Intrusion Detection and Prevention;
• New VMware NSX Federation for consistent, centralized network and security policy configuration and management for large-scale NSX deployments;
• Enhanced VMware SD-WAN branch firewall performance, flexibility and usability features;
• VMware Secure State updates that reduce public cloud risk and improve security posture; and,
• A new zero trust security architecture for the digital workspace.

VMware Advances VMware Tanzu Portfolio to Accelerate Adoption of Kubernetes in the Enterprise

VMware announced rapid advancement of the VMware Tanzu portfolio of products and services designed to transform the way enterprises build, run and manage software on Kubernetes, unveiled at VMworld 2019 US. Updates include a beta program for both Project Pacific and VMware Tanzu Mission Control, and outlined the details of a new VMware Cloud Native Master Services Competency, which will enable current and future partners to architect a Kubernetes-based platform supported by complementary technologies from the cloud native ecosystem for continuous delivery of applications.

VMware Cloud on AWS Helps Customers Across the Region Migrate and Modernise Applications

VMware Cloud on AWS will be launching in the AWS EU (Stockholm) region, bringing the total number of available global regions in Europe to five and globally to 17 in just over two years. VMware has also expanded its VMware HCX capabilities to include OS-assisted migration – the ability to migrate non-vSphere workloads such as applications running in RedHat OpenStack/KVM, and Microsoft Hyper-V environments to VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware also announced its new VMware Cloud Director service which brings the proven multi-tenant capabilities of VMware vCloud Director to VMware Cloud on AWS, allowing Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to share VMware Cloud on AWS instances and overall costs, across multiple tenants.

Project Path: Multi-Cloud Service Delivery and Operations for Cloud Providers

A technology preview, Project Path will help cloud providers and MSPs adopt new business models that can bring new value, revenue and improved margins to their cloud businesses. Project Path will build on and expand the foundational capabilities of the VMware Cloud Provider Program – VMware vCloud Director and VMware Cloud Provider Hub – and be rolled out in phases to unify management and operations across all VMware cloud endpoints. These include the partner’s own cloud; VMware SDDCs running in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud; and native public clouds. Cloud providers will be able to deliver a suite of services – self-service multi-tenant IaaS, containers, migration, backup, disaster recovery, object storage, database as a service, security, application templates, and more – on any VMware cloud endpoint. Additionally, Project Path will help unify cloud provider’s operations such as customer management, customer usage, billing, and customer support across all VMware cloud endpoints. In support of this strategy, VMware also announced the new SaaS-based VMware Cloud Director service, VMware Cloud Provider Hub, VMware vCloud Availability 3.5 and availability of the Bitnami Community Catalogue for VMware Cloud Provider Partners.

VMware Unveils Project Maestro, A Telco Cloud Orchestrator, To Help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) Accelerate Multi-Cloud Operational Agility

VMware unveiled a tech preview of Project Maestro, a telco cloud orchestrator built to help communications service providers (CSPs) accelerate the time-to-market of modern network functions and services across clouds, from core to edge, and from private to public clouds. With this cloud-first orchestration solution, CSPs will be able to build and automate network services that span across a wider variety of network function formats, enabling interoperability and optimising their operations across every layer of the NFV and Telco Cloud architecture. The telco cloud orchestrator will deliver operational efficiency at scale to ultimately help CSPs accelerate time-to-market of new services, mitigate the cost of managing ever more complex networks, and improve customer experiences.

VMware Workspace ONE Delivers Day Zero Employee Experiences, Enabling IT and HR to Accelerate New Hire Time to Productivity

VMware unveiled new Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub innovations aimed at further improving the employee experience. Workspace ONE supports new day zero experiences to more securely provide new hires access to useful resources in Intelligent Hub such as company directory, intranet, and benefits information before their start date. In addition, new hires will be able to use Intelligent Hub to complete certain onboarding workflows, such as selecting technology to be delivered to the employee on their first day. VMware also unveiled a new zero trust security architecture and launched several hybrid and multi-cloud VDI advancements.

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud Delivers a Comprehensive Secure Access Services Edge

VMware showcased how VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud delivers a comprehensive Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) platform that empowers enterprises to take advantage of a globally-available Network of Cloud Services to drive their businesses. VMware also detailed plans to deliver deeper integration between Microsoft Azure and the VMware SD-WAN gateways deployed inside Azure, enabling end-to-end high performance and optimised access from enterprise branches to workloads on Azure.

VMware and Microsoft Continue to Partner to Deliver Greater Impact to Customers Across Client, Cloud and Data Initiatives

VMware announced the continuation of its partnership with Microsoft to help customers accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Building on announcements made at Dell Technologies World earlier this year, the two companies outlined the following new initiatives:

• A new combined solution featuring VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft Endpoint Manager to accelerate Windows 10 modern management;
• Further global expansion of the Azure VMware Solutions hybrid cloud service, with new advanced cloud migration capabilities delivered through VMware HCX;
• Certification and support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 on VMware vSphere running in customer data centers;
• An intent to collaborate to deliver the best customer experience for Azure Data Services on VMware cloud infrastructure; and,
• Extension of Azure to branch and edge environments with VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud.