Kathy Gibson is at Fujitsu Forum in Munich – Trust is key to relationships. It takes years to build up, but can be lost in an instant.

To build successful businesses, trust is vital – which is why it’s the theme for this year’s Fujitsu Forum.

Takahito Tokita, president of Fujitsu, stresses that Fujitsu wants to be a company that solves society’s issues and is a trusted partner.

“We are putting our technology and capability to work for this,” he says. “We are determined to take the lead in digital transformation and make a difference in the world.

“Our world-class technology is supporting this effort.”

Tokita cites the example of Fujitsu’s quantum-like Digital Annealer solutions that are not only reducing costs for customers, but improving environmental impact too.

“Together with our customers we are taking on many other exciting challenges,” he adds.

Supercomputers are helping to tackle some of the biggest issues in society, including climate change, energy and medicine.

“And supercomputers are now playing an extremely important role in the use of AI, which requires significant amounts of computing power. Fujitsu has a renewed focus on this technology.”

In fact, the company is currently building what will be the biggest supercomputer in the world, to be unveiled in 2021, says Tokita.

Fujitsu will use supercomputer technology in its other product lines too.

“But we must not lose sight in the concept of trust,” Tokita says.

Indeed, AI implementations around the world have been stalled largely because of lack of trust in the technology.

“Fujitsu is taking the lead in developing technologies that create transparency of AI. We are also working on the issue of AI quality.

“It is only when it brings happiness to people and improves society that we can succeed.”

As a trusted global company, Tokita says Fujitsu will continue to contribute to responsible technology for socio-economic impact.

“We want to be the digital transformation partner for our customers. We also want to further co-create solutions with our partners to generate value for society.”

To support the digital journey of European customers, Fujitsu is expanding its service delivery operations. The continent has been divided into two regions, with global services delivered through a central organisation.

“We are enhancing our capability to deliver solutions; and our global services operation plays a key role in delivering quality services.”

To achieve successsful digital transformation, the journey from legacy systems is key, Tokita says.

“Our understanding of the actual issues faced by customers means we can help them to tackle them,” he says. “This is why we are delivering more resources worldwide – to ensure we have the people who can lead these transformations.”