Kathy Gibson is at AfricaCom in Cape Town – Huawei has strengthened its Huawei Cloud Partner Network (HCPN), launching the Partner Program 2.0 initiative which offers support in online and onsite training, market expansion, marketing activities and technical understanding.

Rui Houwei, president of Huawei Cloud, Africa region, explains that more than 6 000 worldwide partners have already joined the network since its launch just one year ago. In Africa alone, Huawei Cloud has established partnerships with over 65 partners spanning diverse industries, including telecom, finance, manufacturing, education, retail, and logistics, as well as the public sector.

“Such wide-ranging collaboration is likely to result in unique and broadly-shared benefits across the ecosystem,” says Houwei.

The HCPN differentiates between consulting partners and technology partners.

Consulting partners are typically system integrators, policy consulting firms, resellers, agents, maintenance service provider, value add resellers and carriers.

Becoming an HCPN Consulting partner helps companies build their business on Huawei Cloud and attract more customers, Houwei says.

Technology partners provide their own products and solutions that combine with Huawei Cloud products to enhance the solution.

Houwei explains that becoming a Huawei Cloud Technology Partner an help companies to grow their businesses by releasing products or improving existing products on Huawei Cloud.

Programmes include those for solution partners, service partners, marketplaces, all-partner club and the carrier partner programme.

Benefits of working with Huawei Cloud Partner Network include training support, technical support, marketing support, service support and a participation plan.

Houwei today launched two new policies: the Huawei Cloud Tier One Distributors and a pilot for Authorised Sales Support Centres.