Kathy Gibson is at AfricaCom in Cape Town – Huawei has launched a new storage solution to address the needs of customers moving into digital transformation.

Andy Xu, vice-president: intelligent storage product line at Huawei, says digital transformation is key to customers’ business development.

5G, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) are driving digitalisation and are all tipped for massive growth over the next five years.

As digital transformation gets underway, there is an explosion in both users and data volumes, Xu adds.

Huawei is launching its all-flash OceanStor Dorado V6 solution, designed to meet carrier’s data centre storage needs.

The new product offers 20-million IOPS, which Xu says is 100% higher than competing products.

It has high-capacity density, so performance is about 30% higher than previous generations.

“The updated FlashLink means OceanStor Dorado V6 boasts world-leading performance that is 100% higher than the industry average,” Xu says.

In addition, he points out that an A-A architecture supports seven controllers for better fault tolerance that guarantees that storage will always be online.

Data density can be improved by 30% through Huawei’s algorithm, plus hardware innovation.

Huawei offers an intelligent storage management platform that enables a converged storage pool where administrators can manage block storage, file storage, object storage, distributed storage and third-party storage.