Kathy Gibson is at Nutanix .Next on Tour in Sandton – The rAge gaming expo is known for the LAN gaming, where gamers compete for the chance to be one of the up to 2 600 gamers taking part in games over the weekend.

Since last year, Nutanix has played a key role in keeping the LAN up and running at maximum performance.

With rAge taking place over a single weekend at an event venue, setup has to be right: once the doors open, there can be no downtime.

A month before event, Nutanix pitched its solution, and the rAge team decided to run with it.

“What we liked was that they didn’t force us into any parts of the solution,” says rAge’s Eric Blaschczok. “However, in the end we did end up using their hypervisor and more.

“I found the solution very logical and easy to navigate.”

Matthew Brent, as the technical expert at rAge, says the Nuanix solution let them create “quite an awesome” system.

Importantly, it allowed for a significant cache which made performance on complex games quicker.

“We were able to serve all this at a peak rate of 10Gbps,” Brent says. “We used 18Tb solid state storage across the cluster, and served 72Gb of gaming content.”

A Nutanix agent monitoring the network detected 519 unique games downloaded and played over the weekend.

Almost 10 00 hours of gaming were played over 52 hours – a total of 405 days of straight gaming compressed into the single weekend.