Azure Backup is an Azure-based, built-in backup solution for all of an organisation’s resources. It simplifies data protection from ransomware and human error.

As a one-click backup solution, Azure Backup is cost-effective and is easier to implement than other cloud backup services.

Azure Backup is the solution to organisations’ need to back up their data wherever it resides. With Azure Backup, they can back-up Azure Virtual Machines, SQL workloads, and on-premises VMware machines without additional infrastructure. Application consistency across the infrastructure is vital, and with Azure Backup, customers can restore data with application consistency using VSS snapshot (Windows) and fsfreeze (Linux).

Security has to be embedded into the solution, so Azure Backup lets users encrypt data and keep it for extended periods – even after legitimate deletion – through multifactor authentication. Organisations need a solution that helps them protect against growing ransomware threats.

Administrators can enable multifactor authentication using a security PIN from the Azure portal. Suspicious cloud backup activities prompt a notification, while unauthorised deleted backups are retained for up to 14 days while your data is encrypted by default.

The Azure central backup management portal lets users manage all their cloud backup resources and activity. IT adminstrators can turn on Azure Backup in the Azure portal to immediately backup and restore Azure SQL Database, individual files, folders, and entire VMs. This service allows them to continuously track assets with dynamic reports.


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