VPN service provider NordVPN has launched NordPass, a password manager built with a focus on simplicity and security.

When it comes to cybersecurity, people have plenty of bad habits. This includes passwords too: from keeping login information in sticky notes or notepads to using “password” or “123456.” And worst of them all — reusing them all for different accounts.

“Some find passwords unimportant; some tend to save their imagination for different tasks. Others have problems with remembering difficult combinations of letters and numbers. We all have been there, and that’s why we came up with NordPass,” says Ruby Gonzalez, head of communications at NordVPN.

NordPass helps to generate new complex passwords, and also lets users share them securely with friends or coworkers. The password manager remembers complex logins to private notes and credit cards – and users can access it all with a single Master Password.

To keep the information secure, NordPass uses top-of-the-field XChaCha20 encryption for the password vault and Argon 2 for key derivation.

Users can also choose optional two-factor authentication for extra safety.

Additionally, the new tool will have a zero-knowledge architecture to ensure ultimate security.

“Password information belongs to users only — that’s why our product has zero-knowledge encryption. By the time your data reaches our servers, it’s already been encrypted on your device. That means we have zero knowledge about the items saved in your vault,” explains Gonzalez.

NordPass is easy to use. Users can download user-friendly browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, Edge, and Vivaldi. Apps for iOS and Android are also available.