Liquid Telecom South Africa is equiping Batlhalerwa Secondary school in Limpopo with ICT equipment and training to help learners and teachers achieve better results at school while also improving career opportunities.

Communications and Digital Technologies Minister, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams says: “As we drive societal digital transformation, access to ICT infrastructure and training forms a basic tenet of our digital inclusion imperative.

“The department therefore continues to partner with industry stakeholders to provide Cyberlabs that are equipped with devices, both at schools and community centres.”

For the past two years, the South African government has been vocal about how the digital revolution is unlocking job creation and stimulating economic growth.

Liquid Telecom South Africa has responded to this challenge by donating the school with some of the latest ICT equipment and training to help ensure that everyone in the school has an opportunity to improve their digital literacy.

Reshaad Sha, CEO Liquid Telecom South Africa, says: “We believe that to truly prepare young South Africans for the digital revolution, they need to be empowered with devices that will develop and strengthen their ICT skills, as well as training that ensures that these skills are nurtured to prepare them for the future digital workplace.”