Azure and Azure Storage can handle multiple data types, like the hugely popular Rainbow Six Siege from Ubisoft.

Thanks to Azure, Ubisoft has the elastic scalability to deliver play to 3-million players a day engaged in hundreds of thousands of concurrent games.

Rainbow Six Siege, first launched in 2014, is one of the most popular PVP (player versus player) video games in the world, and the developers make sure it stays fresh, exciting, and irresistible.

Not that long ago, games pulled all their computing power from the game consoles on which they were played. However, game developers soon realized that the compute power on the console constrained their creativity and the responsiveness of play.

So, most game developers, especially developers of multiplayer “shooter” games such as Rainbow Six Siege, turned to the cloud, where they could get unlimited banks of servers to power their play.

Ubisoft developed and runs Siege in Microsoft Azure, where it takes advantage not only of nearly limitless compute and storage resources but of Xbox Live Compute (codename Thunderhead), an Azure-based orchestration service that delivers dynamic scaling and low latency for gaming workloads.

Ubisoft was the first company to use Azure for a cross-platform title, releasing three versions of Rainbow Six Siege simultaneously.

Azure also gives game developers access to cloud-caliber server resources without making them deal with the challenges that come with building, managing, and running servers at scale.

The broad geographic availability of Azure, and its elastic scalability, lets gamers connect to an available server and play without ever experiencing busy or unavailable servers.

For Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft gives every game (which consists of two teams of five people) its own virtual machine. More than 10-million people play Rainbow Six Siege each month, with several hundred thousand playing concurrently, and there are virtual machines aplenty in Azure to keep them happy.

In addition to Azure compute, Ubisoft uses Azure Blob storage to store game data and game server logs, and the Microsoft Azure global network to connect Azure service to the Ubisoft infrastructure.


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