G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions, has opened a new point of presence of its network infrastructure in Johannesburg.

“The African continent is showing fairly good dynamics in the development of Internet technologies,” says Dmitry Samoshkin, vice president of products at G-Core Labs. “Today, 525-millions people are connected to the network here, which is about 12% of all users of the global web.

“Internet penetration in South Africa is about 56%, so more than a half of nearly 59-million population here watch live broadcasts, videos on demand, play games and buy online. If you want to deliver your content to local users earlier than your competitors or are looking for a dedicated server in South Africa, we’ll be happy to help you.”

The point of presence is located in a certified Tier III-class data centre in Johannesburg and guarantees a speed of access to a dedicated server of 200Mbps.

The functionality of the automatic installation of the most popular operating systems (OS) (Windows and Unix), installed when ordering the server, is provided company’s dedicated servers. This saves time for system deployment.

Cuctomers can also connect their own ISO image and install the necessary OS yourself.

G-Core Labs servers are protected from DDoS attacks using G-Core Labs technology for intelligent filtering of network traffic.