Since the start of 2019, more than 15 building sites in Moscow have been equipped with the Personal Smart-Tracker system, which helps to monitor the construction process itself and improve the safety of each worker by determining the number of staff on site and measuring the activities of different categories of workers.

The Personal Smart-Tracker is a suite of technologies incorporating, amongst other things, a small personal device with numerous embedded sensors: а GLONASS receiver, an accelerometer, а personification sensor and other technical devices.

“It transmits general information in real time to the client about the worker’s movements around the building site, his activities in his area of responsibility, and other data essential for subsequent comparison with data in the state information systems of the Construction Complex of Moscow,” said Eduard Lysenko, Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow.

More than 1 000 of the devices are already in use in the construction of social facilities in Moscow. The information is transmitted via an energy-efficient restricted-access local wireless network to the client – Department of City-Building Policy of Moscow.

The technology suite compares the data with that held in the state information systems and prepares analytical reports.

The Personal Smart-Tracker system can be rapidly installed at any construction site without creating any inconvenience. The technology can also help to keep workers safe.

According to Sergey Lyovkin, head of Moscow’s Department of Urban Development Policy, plans include integrating the “smart palms” into the builder’s digital passport, which is currently being created within the information and analytical system for management of urban development.

The information received from the “smart palms” is processed in real time, thanks to which it is possible to track what is going on at the construction site and ensure compliance with safety regulations. Introducing the “smart palms” is one of the first steps towards creating a “smart building site”.