Canon Europe has launched the EOS-1D X Mark III sports and wildlife camera aimed at professional photographers.

The camera features industry-leading shooting speeds of up to 20fps with AF tracking, along with improved high ISO performance.

The EOS-1D X Mark III’s AF sensor sports 28-times the centre resolution of its predecessor to address professional photographers’ need for greater accuracy and focusing on subjects in a wider range of scenarios.

The camera also offers 5,5K 12-bit RAW video internal recording – the first non-cinema Canon EOS series camera to have such feature.

Eddie Keogh, professional sports photographer and Canon Ambassador, comments: “Working from the side lines at top sporting events worldwide, Canon’s DLSRs continue to dominate professional photography.

“Throughout the years EOS-1 series cameras have been unrivalled in their reliability and capability, which is why I’ve been using them since 2002 with the EOS-1D.

“In my line of work speed is everything, so I’m delighted to be using the EOS-1D X Mark III which features noticeably improved fps, outstanding autofocus and quicker communication abilities – because, in the competitive industry of sports photography, a matter of milliseconds could mean the difference between a picture that makes it to the back pages of national newspapers or doesn’t.”