The DVT Academy is set to offer Advanced Certified ScrumMaster training in 2020.

This guided learning programme, comprising a two-day workshop and practical, hands on application of advanced techniques, is aimed at practising ScrumMasters and is part of the Scrum Alliance Path to a CSP programme.

The course will take place on the 6 to 7 February at DVT offices in Johannesburg and on the 13 to 14 February at DVT Cape Town.

Iain McKenna, an accredited Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) from the UK, will be the course trainer. McKenna has successfully used Scrum together with other Agile and Lean frameworks over many years. Having worked with IT for over 35 years, he has a wealth of experience ranging from operations, analysis, testing, software engineering, project and programme management through to IT Leadership.

“As a Certified ScrumMaster with a good understanding of the Scrum values, practices, and applications, the next step in your Agile journey is to achieve an Advanced Certified ScrumMaster certification,” says Mckenna, “By building on your foundational knowledge you can stand out in your industry and demonstrate greatly increased value to your employer as a highly trained Agile professional.”

According to McKenna, A-CSM is a guided learning programme which requires actual practice of techniques and deep reflection by the learner. “This is deliberately done to embed the learning deeply within the students’ minds through repetitive reinforcement and practice. The attendees will be encouraged to work together as a community of learners, supporting each other and learning from each other too.”

Students are supported throughout the learning by a mentor as well as by McKenna. The learner controls the pace of learning, however they won’t qualify for the certification until they have completed all learning objectives.

To certify as an A-CSM one is required to have a current Certified ScrumMaster certification and one years’ experience as a ScrumMaster. This is the next step after Certified ScrumMaster on the Path to CSP (Certified Scrum Professional).

“The path to CSP is designed to help people not only understand Scrum and Agile working in the greatest possible detail, but also to be highly effective and experienced practitioners with demonstrable experience of real Scrum instead of the “dark” or “zombie” Scrum that is so often encountered,” notes McKenna.