The Moscow Department of Information Technology and the Department of Urban Development Policy are working systematically to develop online services for property developers, in a bid to create a business environment that is as comprehensible and transparent.

Moscow developers are currently able to obtain 22 services in the construction sphere via, the official portal of the Mayor and Government of Moscow, and 18 of them are available exclusively in electronic form.

These are all basic services provided by executive authorities of the city of Moscow in construction sphere, says Sergey Lyevkin, head of the department of Urban Development Policy.

This enables developers to complete the legal paperwork for construction work in the city of Moscow without having to visit the responsible departments and committees in person.

A variety of e-from services are available for developers: from construction plan layout, design, relations with investors before cost estimates and pricing in design and budget construction, from constructional materials pricing survey up to work with unions and self-regulating organizations.

“We have a strong focus on developing digital technologies, so that they can be of assistance to residents as well as businesses,” says Eduard Lysenko, minister of the Government of Moscow and Head of the Department of Information Technology. “Digitalisation of the construction sphere is one of our priorities.

“Moving government services in this sector online has, on the one hand, made it easier for developers to obtain all the necessary documents, while making the procedure comprehensible and transparent.

“And, on the other hand, it has given the city the opportunity, practically in real time, to have access to information about projects and construction timelines, enabling more in-depth analysis of the situation and predictions of the sector’s future development,” he adds.

DIT is continuing to enhance IT technologies in the construction sphere, its primary aim at the present time is to create an integrated digital platform of executive authorities of the city of Moscow in construction sphere.

Adopting best practices in the use of platform solutions from digital transformation leaders will help to create an integrated environment for construction players and government agencies – a digital interaction platform.

Implementation of integrated services on the basis of that platform will cut the time spent on administrative procedures in the construction sector by 60%.