Nology has announced a partnership with Minim to offer AI-driven Wi-Fi management and security services to network operators, Internet service providers and systems integrators across South Africa.

Nology will demonstrate the new service offering at the MikroTik User Meeting (MUM) South Africa , taking place in Johannesburg today (7 February).

“We are looking forward to showcasing Minim, the latest addition to our product portfolio,” says Karel Leuschner, MD of Nology. “Nology recognizes the increasing support burden that service providers face as a result of expanding WiFi utilisation and connected devices in homes and offices.

“We believe Minim’s platform will be a gateway for our partners to lower these ballooning expenses and better compete on value-added services. Choosing Minim is in line with our mission to provide comprehensive, best-of-breed solutions to the industry.”

Minim is an AI-driven WiFi management and IoT security platform that delivers freedom-of-choice on Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

Now a Made for MikroTik software partner, Minim offers a Care Portal with visibility and tools for efficient customer service and operations.

The company also delivers a mobile app for home users — available for white labeling — with intuitive features, including: guided WiFi system setup, self-care, parental controls, ad blocking, privacy settings, security checks, and network improvement recommendations.

“We are excited to launch this partnership,” says John D’Amato, senior vice-president: sales at Minim. “Nology is a trusted distributor of MikroTik hardware and innovative IP solutions.

“Minim’s AI-driven platform empowers service providers to better compete and retain customers. Together, we will provide top-notch consultation, support, and services to Nology’s network of partners and clients.”