Rectron has concluded a dealer contract with DJI Enterprise, that will see the distributor offer the full DJI Enterprise range.

Ruan Botha, DJI product manager at Rectron, says: “Through Rectron, the South African market will now have full access to the DJI Enterprise range, reducing delivery time, while saving them time and money.”

Rectron will be extending its services beyond distribution, handling all repairs and RMA related incidents in house, with DJI certified and trained technicians across multiple branches across South Africa.

“The nature of the Enterprise product range steers away from casual drone users, as they require the operator to be well trained in the use of all aspects of the drone,” adds Botha. “In most cases, a Remote Pilot License (RPL) will be required to use the drones commercially.”

The deal opens the door for tremendous growth in all sectors of the South African market and its industries, increasing efficiencies and enhancing operations.

“We expect to see a massive uptake in industries that form the backbone of the economy, such as agricultural, mining, electricity, and construction industries,” adds Botha.

Leveraging drone technology, farmers can make precise management decisions that impact their bottom line.

For example, in the Midwest, US, farmers saved as much as $9.80 per acre by targeting Nitrogen application rates across portions of their land using DJI Enterprise drones.

In the mining industry, fast turn-around times, safety, and accurate data are key. Using drones to perform surveying and monitoring tasks removing the human element provides a safe work environment.

Additionally, users can get an accurate stockpile and dump calculations through volume measurements done with DJI Enterprise drones, while saving time and money with automated features built into the equipment performing tasks, which done manually would waste extensive time and resources.

For search and rescue operations, DJI Enterprise solutions are fast becoming the first line of defense, empowering public safety teams and aiding search and rescue operations.

Evidence of this was when the Southern Mantatee Fire Rescue (SMFR) team incorporated DJI drones to improve the safety of its first responders. The drones help detect hazardous materials and relay its findings to responders in real-time, enabling them to better assess the Hazmat situation before exposing them to potentially perilous areas.

Making use of DJI Enterprise drones, law enforcement personnel can monitor an area from the sky, giving them an opportunity to assess a situation from a safe distance, while finding the best solution to deal with the threat.

“There is nothing safer than removing the human from a situation, and with DJI Enterprise solutions coupled with Flir and thermal technology, operations can be done any time, day or night,” comments Botha.

DJI Enterprise solutions include precision agriculture, power line inspection, search and rescue, solar panel inspections, firefighting, security, public safety, telecom inspections, construction, mapping, and offshore rig inspection.