More than 167 000 suppliers are subscribed to receive personalised emails from the government of Moscow’s ‘Supplier Portal’ site.

The email alerts, which are generated using artificial intelligence (AI), were launched in December 2017. Those registered to receive the alerts are kept up to date about various business opportunities across a range of sectors.

“Through the use of AI, we analyse relevant data to generate personalised, digital news bulletins, detailing the most relevant and interesting procurement news. By doing so, suppliers are kept abreast of both current and upcoming business opportunities,” comments Eduard Lysenko, minister of the government of Moscow and head of the department of information technology.

Monthly Internet resource grows by about 4 000 users. Today, through the application of artificial intelligence, individuals can generate a list of suppliers and contractors related to their sector and download their contact information, supporting them in their business development activities.

Meanwhile, the development team behind the portal is continuously working to improve overall functionality.

The average conversion rate of the digital newsletters, calculated over the last two years, is more than 7,3%. That is, of the 167 000 suppliers who received the personalised email, 12 000 individuals clicked through to review supplier offers.

The conversion rate has close to doubled during the second year that the service has been available. In comparison, the average conversion rate for such digital newsletters is between 2% and 3%, according to a study completed by the MailChimp platform in October of last year.