The regulations related to Covid-19 published on 18 of March 2020 make testing and treatment for the coronavirus mandatory in certain circumstances, says law firm Webber Wentzel

“According to the regulations, a person who has been confirmed as having Covid-19, or who is suspected of having Covid-19, or who has been in contact with a carrier of Covid-19, must submit to a medical examination, including the taking of a bodily sample, treatment, prophylaxis, isolation or quarantine,” says the company’s Lara Kerbelker.

“If a person refuses to comply with an instruction to do the above things, they must be placed in isolation or quarantine for 48 hours pending a warrant from a magistrate,” she adds.

“It is also important to note that the regulations clearly indicate that no person is entitled to compensation for any loss or damage arising from the actions or omissions of enforcement officers under the regulations,” Kerbelker says.