About IT is offering e-learning via its newly minted portal, the About IT Academy.

The About IT Academy is a resource for customers to update or learn new skills and creates opportunity for businesses to improve resiliency by up- and cross-skilling employees.

“This is a value-added knowledge hub for our customers,” says Gerrit Olivier, founder and CEO of About IT. “It’s our go-to online learning platform for anything on Acumatica, PowerBI or Sage that lets people learn at their own pace, direct from the experts, anywhere, any time.

“We will develop the platform as it evolves to meet customer demand specific to their needs and look to certify the curriculum. But, right now during lockdown, we want to help people keep working and work better using the smart tools at their disposal.

“Customers want to take control of their environments as their workers are dispersed to their homes during lockdown. Cloud-based ERP and accounting solutions as well as the analysis tools and dashboards that allow people to continue working as well as stay informed regardless of where they are, are key assets,” he says.

Being empowered to use these tools when onsite technical support, either supplied by the customer’s own IT personnel or About IT’s extensive support team, is no longer an option, creates a competitive advantage.

Students benefit from hands-on teachers who are industry experts. They access knowledge using webinars, how-to videos, case studies, fact sheets, and online coaching and consulting that is focused on the student’s own business environment.

The cloud ERP, data analytics and business accounting technologies are at the heart of About IT’s solutions and services that enable small and medium businesses to intelligently digitalise their operations and create mobile businesses that can operate remotely.

“A lot of companies were faced with a sudden and urgent need to work off-premise. That’s a huge mind shift for a lot of businesses,” says Olivier. “We’ve had the tools to do this for a long time but as companies we haven’t always had the business processes that support them. Now we realise the need for greater resiliency and our dependency on having the right skills to become self-sufficient and that’s what the About IT Academy is there to help people do.”