Salesforce has announced, new technology solutions and resources to help business and community leaders around the world reopen safely, re-skill employees and respond efficiently to the Covid-19 pandemic. includes new solutions to accelerate private and public sector response to Covid-19, including employee wellness assessment; shift management; contact tracing; emergency response management; and grants and volunteer management.

The Command Center brings all data streams together so that businesses and communities can make more informed decisions.

In addition, brings together the full power of health experts, business leaders and the Salesforce ecosystem in a resource center informed by the Business Roundtable and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) with insights from business, health and government leaders as well as analysis, best practices and recovery stories from our trusted partner ecosystem.

“Every company and community in the world is focusing on how to safely reopen and get to a new normal,” says Bret Taylor, president and chief operating officer of Salesforce. “With, we’re bringing together powerful new technology, our partners and network of experts to help organisations reopen and recover from this crisis while putting employee and visitor health and safety first.”

“Business Roundtable is focused on an economic recovery that puts public health first and allows businesses of all sizes to reopen swiftly and safely,” says Joshua Bolten, president and CEO of Business Roundtable. “Safety first and consistent guidelines are critical to reopening. Salesforce is providing an important public service by giving businesses and organisations of all sizes this suite of free resources to help them navigate current guidance and get back to business safely when they can do so.”

Salesforce solutions enable organisations to reopen safely and manage the logistics of returning to work while putting employee and visitor health and safety first.

* Command Center is a single hub for leaders to get a 360-degree view of return-to-work readiness across locations, employees and visitors, make data-driven decisions, take action and communicate effectively.

* Contact Tracing allows public and private sector leaders to manually trace health and relationship contacts in a safe and private manner, by collecting data from individuals who are infected or potentially exposed to an infectious disease and creating visual maps of contacts and locations to monitor potential interactions and outbreak.

* Emergency Response Management is a suite of products built in collaboration with Accenture that allows public health organisations, government agencies and the private sector to manage all types of emergencies, deliver care to those affected and allocate resources and services quickly.

* Employee Wellness allows leaders to gather the data needed to monitor and analyse employee and visitor health and wellness.

* Shift Management enables organisations to orchestrate the eventual return of employees to the office through shift management capabilities that can help reduce office density.

* myTrailhead for Employees delivers content to help employees skill up on new ways of working with out-of-the-box training, learning and wellness programs

* Volunteer & Grants Management will help organizations fulfill their relief goals with flexible, scalable tools that streamline volunteer coordination and grant-making processes.