Global technology company, Zoho has announced that its more-than 45 business software applications are available at a fixed South African rand price.

The move, part of the brand’s global survive-and-serve strategy, seeks to ease the impact of currency fluctuations, especially on small businesses. It also aims to reduce barriers to entry for SMEs who are considering multiple solutions from different global vendors.

Zoho, through the Small Business Emergency Subscription Assistance Program, is also offering its existing, qualifying small business customers a three-month waiver on their subscription fees.

A number of additional initiatives and resources have been launched for businesses to help them weather the Covid-19 crisis. This includes Remotely, a remote working toolkit, which is freely available to all businesses until 1 July 2020.

“Serving our local communities and businesses is a key focus for Zoho, and we recognise that the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic is forcing businesses to adopt digitisation much faster than they might otherwise have,” says Andrew Bourne, country manager: Africa at Zoho.

“Zoho seeks to make this adoption both simple and affordable by providing its world-class software solutions at a fair price, protected from exchange rate fluctuations. Customers are also guaranteed privacy and security of their data,” he adds.

Among Zoho’s products are Zoho One and Zoho Workplace.

Zoho also conducts free seminars and training sessions aimed at the African market, educating users about how to adopt cloud technology to grow their businesses.