Fujitsu has refreshed its line-up of business notebooks, and debuted a new Lifebook bristling with built-in security.

The new Lifebook U7310 introduces stealth mode, with a digital privacy guard to keep visual hackers from viewing the 13,3-inch screen through so-called ‘shoulder surfing’.

The 10th generation Intel Core processors feature across the updated model range of Fujitsu Lifebook and Stylistic models, delivering faster performance and long battery life. Connectivity is also upgraded to offer Wi-Fi 6 (11ax), global LTE and eSIM compatibility. The inclusion of Microsoft Modern Standby means devices wake from sleep mode almost instantly.

Focusing on security on the move, the Fujitsu Notebook Lifebook U7310 comes packed with the latest features – including Fujitsu’s biometric PalmSecure authentication, an infrared camera that automatically locks the notebook when the user walks away, and a new physical shutter that slides to cover the built-in webcam, when not in use.

Also new is the ePrivacy filter integrated into the Lifebook U7310 display: At the press of a single key, the notebook goes into stealth mode – digitally blocking the screen from being readable from an indirect viewing angle. This helps beat digital snooping, a problem for anyone using a notebook in a public place, where on-screen content may be seen by an unauthorized third party.

Fujitsu has also updated the lightweight 13,3-inch Lifebook U9310 ultra-mobile and its convertible counterpart, the Lifebook U9310X. Despite gaining new, faster, processors and boasting all-day battery life, the Lifebook U9310 still weighs in at just 920g, reconfirming its place among the elite group of sub-1kg premium notebooks.

Often used by senior executives, who demand the ultimate in computing performance, the featherweight Lifebook U9310 is a no-compromise choice. Users need not worry about the sacrifices demanded by selecting the right device – especially when it comes to content creation – with the clamshell Lifebook U9310 featuring a full keyboard, running Windows 10 and boasting a 13,3-inch screen. There is also a lightweight convertible model with a pen – the Lifebook U9310X – which combines the best of both worlds. This provides the convenience of a clamshell notebook with a full keyboard and the option to fold flat into tablet mode – and is lighter than many 10-inch tablets when combined with a keyboard cover.

A completely new, IP42-compliant housing is among multiple features in the updated Fujitsu Tablet Stylistic Q7310, which is resistant to water splashes. The 13,3-inch 2-in-1 detachable tablet also comes with an optional keyboard dock.

RĂ¼diger Landto, head of client business Europe at Fujitsu, says: “Anyone who has used a notebook while on the move has probably experienced shoulder surfing, where a stranger takes an unwelcome peek at what’s on your screen. The solution until now has been a cumbersome plastic filter – but it’s always been a compromise – like using a notebook while wearing sunglasses. The new built-in ePrivacy filter in the Fujitsu Lifebook U7310 simply digitally narrows the screen viewing field, to keep prying eyes at bay, and is activated at the touch of a button. This means the peace of mind that it’s still possible to work on confidential information even when you are using your notebook in a public place.”

Lifecycle updates include models from the Lifebook U9-, U9X, U7- and E5-series as well as the Stylistic Q7 series. Devices are available directly from Fujitsu and from selected channel partners. Pricing varies according to model and specification.