Essential workers across a wide range of sectors are using Econz Wireless’s Timecard application to check employees’ current wellness status with a screening programme before starting work.

Industry sectors include healthcare, government, logistics and distribution, merchandising, construction and maintenance organisations and those with mobile workers.

Econz Timecard is a workforce management application enabling comprehensive management and tracking of time and employees. Used globally by organisation across all sectors, Econz Timecard now delivers management reports specially written to screen both the wellness and possible infection of the Covid-19 virus.

Some features include:

* Covid-19 screening and wellness forms with built in triggers to not only protect employees and employers, but assists in preventing the spread of the virus;

* Required questions to be answered before the shift can start;

* Real-time Manger Alerts and Notifications depending on the employee’s answers to the questionnaires;

* Verify employees GPS location as well as miles travelled and locations travelled for a day, a week or a month;

* PDF outputs of all questions answered including digital signature attestation;

* Other digital forms can be created to ensure adherence to level 4 protocols (and beyond) about health and safety regulations, thus ensuring compliance for essential workers/workplaces;

* Collect mobile time and attendance as well as Timesheet Approval processes; and

* Flexibility on pricing as a Covid-19 relief measure.

Econz has been operating in South Africa since 2009 with a proven customer base using their products.

“Econz Wireless is proud to be able to assist with helping essential businesses protect their mobile workforce with our clock-in required Covid-19 forms,” says Harry Lane, vice-president: global sales at Econz Wireless.

Econz Timecard’s Covid-19 feature allows customers to ensure their employees are safe, well and fit for work. The data delivered from mobile devices gives the employer real-time status on their field workers and allows them to prevent the spread of this virus.

For Pharmacy Direct, with more than 175 field workers in different provinces, managing these employees was made possible with the use of Econz Wireless to ensure time management, attendance and GPS tracking.

“During this uncertain time of Covid-19, this is proving to be a very important step we took in that chronic patients who need medication, should not go to health facilities, possibly exposing themselves to Covid-19 and also ensures that healthcare care officials attend to serious cases only,” says Kagiso Kekane, CCMDD head and stakeholder relations at Pharmacy Direct.

“We have a dedicated team that is always at hand to resolve field troubleshooting without having to wait for long periods of time or involving our internal IT. Our relationship with Econz Wireless has been that of mutual understanding of our vision as a business and Econz has been a willing partner to ensure that our vision is achieved,” says Kekane.

Lane concludes: “Having our customers’ employees answer a list of required questions before the start of their shifts not only protects the employee, but also protects the business and their community. Limiting everyone’s exposure to this virus is the only way to beat Covid-19.”