Picup, a crowdsource delivery and technology company, is a logistics platform that regulates the transport market, enabling shippers and transporters to connect, optimise transportation cost and track and trace their cargos in realtime.

The company has developed innovative last-mile delivery technology and has already built one of the largest crowdsourced driver networks in South Africa. By tackling the greatest logistics challenges early in its life cycle, Picup is well positioned to expand into Africa.

Picup CEO Antonio Bruni says they already have a strong presence in South Africa. “Our software has tracked over 874-million kilometres with more than 1,7-million deliveries completed by 1 900 registered crowdsourced drivers to our 2 200 clients.”

The on-demand economy is changing customer expectations, they now require a faster, more personalised and cost-efficient delivery service. Crowdsourcing is the answer to these expectations, it is one of the largest opportunities for package delivery companies today.

Picup has developed specifically for Africa an industry first Transport Management System (TMS). This sophisticated TMS is a world first for transporters, it’s an easy-to-use cloud-based platform, giving clients everything they need to manage their entire fleet, optimise efficiencies and increase revenues.

“With advanced visibility telematics, transporters can get full visibility on all their vehicles, every second of the day. From harsh braking indicators to fuel monitoring and vehicle idling. Our platform offers full administration dashboards for any organisation on every level,” he explains.

Picup helps remove the obscurity of fuel costs, helping transporters know exactly how much fuel each truck and driver uses in order to efficiently manage their fuel consumption and deter possible theft.

“Monitor driver behaviour throughout the delivery process and provide full control of your entire end-to-end supply chain. Streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce costs through the effective real-time management of your workforce,” he adds.

Picup offers a global logistics market place that is transparent and flexible, using multiple modes of transport, from freight to last-mile delivery. Shippers profit from better comparability and transparency of proposals, optimised price- performance ratios, and high security through certification of logistics providers and rating systems.

The TMS will allow organised transporters to access Picup’s marketplace and offer their backload to potential shippers whilst the Picup crowdsourced fleet will allow individual drivers to access new markets and possibly develop into organised transporters and TMS users as they grow their fleet.

“We see our platform as a building capacity and the next generation of transporters in Africa. Logistics providers can use these platforms to digitise internal processes as well as maximise cargo capacity,” he says.

“Our on the ground team has more than 10 years’ experience in West Africa and is perfectly positioned to tackle this market,” Bruni concludes.