Paratus has built a quality network with double routes in Botswana.

The multi-million dollar investment in Paratus’s own infrastructure and a strategic partnership within Botswana are helping to sign up clients like Bank Gaborone, FNB, Coca-Cola, Spar, Stefanutti Stocks, Canon, BOC and Old Mutual.

Paratus Botswana MD Shawn Bruwer says: “Quality connections are a lifeline for business today and they should always be reliable. Our service helps customers conduct their business efficiently, all the time, and wherever they need it – in Africa and anywhere across the globe.

“Companies need fast, broad coverage with risk-free access to safe, secure connections. With Paratus, businesses do not need to purchase two active connections to maximise uptime because we guarantee service delivery with our independent infrastructure.”

Paratus offers a wholly-owned, independent cross-border service from Botswana, which plays a strong strategic role in connecting the southern African region.

The telecommunications operator’s double route network enables managed end-to-end connections. This means Paratus can confidently exceed uptime SLAs for large multinationals in the SADC at competitive rates.

Paratus is an independent multi-national business operating in six southern African countries (South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, and Botswana) and providing services in over 20 further markets via satellite.

Bruwer comments: “We can deliver and tailor communication services for any business. We are cost-competitive, and our service levels are unequalled. We are thinking big as we deliver Africa’s quality network.”