Dell Technologies has announced 0% funding and reduced interest rates from Dell Financial Services (DFS) South Africa through its partners.

Organisations are under unprecedented fiscal pressure, yet they cannot risk damaging the momentum of their digital modernisation investments. DFS South Africa is working with its partners to adapt solutions to bring relief to South African businesses.

“These financial solutions will free up cashflow, ease budget constraints and assist our customers in procuring the IT Infrastructure they need today,” says Doug Woolley, MD of Dell Technologies South Africa. “We are committed to helping our customers run their businesses, take care of their people and access essential technology they need today.”

DFS partners are introducing zero-percent interest rates for server, storage and networking solutions in the Dell Technologies family, with no up-front payment required. They are also offering reduced interest rates on end-user compute equipment in combination with payment holidays of up to six months, followed by a financed solution varying between 36 to 60 months.

DFS partners offer three options to help free cash flow while supporting technology transformation investments:

* 12-month deferred payment at 0% interest rate: Procure the equipment needed today and only pay in a year. No financial charges are accrued.

* 36 months financed deal at 0% interest rate: Spread repayments over 36 months, with no accrued finance charges.

* Reduced interest rates over 36, 48 and 60 months: Enjoy interest rates reduced to below prime for up to five years.