Udok has launched a doctor-to-patient video conferencing platform.

With physical doctor consultations becoming more of a risk during the current global healthcare crisis, the way doctors and patients interact has been changed for the foreseeable future.

Udok has created a platform that provides a safe and viable option to connect patients to real-time healthcare without risk of spreading Covid-19 and to take away further hassle of visiting a doctor in years to come.

Udok’s Dr Petrus van Niekerk comments: “This pandemic has suddenly changed the landscape of tele-health, which will transform the way that people access healthcare. There is a large community of doctors in South Africa that do not own their own practice, with Udok supplying a new way of optimising their time and skills, they are now able to provide their specialised services remotely.

“We believe that online consultations will pave the way forward for years to come and help to keep the vulnerable safe and in isolation during this pandemic.”

Anybody can join and gain access to a doctor with only a click of a button using a laptop, cellphone or tablet and internet access.

Udok has created a software system where general practitioners (GPs) can see patients – who will wait in a virtual queue – via video to provide a treatment plan, e-prescription, lab referral and more.

Patients will also be able to access their medical history through their profile on the platform, starting from their first consultation with Udok.

For doctors, Udok provides a safe environment for them to see their own patients using the system, or the potential to become a member of a national practice which consults with patients from anywhere in the country.

Udok has been successfully providing video consultations to clinics in the Clicks and Medirite groups for the past year.