The global installed base of active construction equipment (CE) OEM telematics systems reached almost 3,4-million units in 2019, according to new research from Berg Insight.

Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15,6%, the active installed base is forecasted to reach 6,9-million units worldwide in 2024.

This includes all CE telematics systems marketed by construction equipment OEMs, either developed in-house or provided by the CE manufacturers in partnership with third-party telematics players.

The North American market accounted for around 0,7-million active construction equipment OEM telematics systems at the end of 2019. The European market is estimated to be slightly larger than the North American. The rest of world, moreover, represents more than half of the global installed base of CE telematics systems provided by construction equipment OEMs.

Most major construction equipment OEMs have introduced telematics offerings. OEM telematics systems are today commonly factory-installed as standard at least for heavier machines.

Berg Insight ranks Caterpillar and Komatsu as the leading construction equipment OEMs in terms of the number of CE telematics systems deployed worldwide.