Value-added distributor Westcon-Comstor Sub-Saharan Africa has announced the availability of Secure Cloud Architecture from multi-cloud application services provider F5.

The solutions within the secure cloud architecture portfolio are designed to provide organisations with a cost-effective means to address security and other infrastructure services as part of their move to a multi-cloud environment – an integral component of any digital transformation initiative.

“F5’s Secure Cloud Architecture enables companies across industry sectors to centralise and manage enterprise-grade security and infrastructure services – irespective of their environments. This significantly reduces the cost of change and frees developers to focus on innovation. So, whether it is public or hybrid cloud, managed services, software-as-a-service, or even platform-as-a-service, F5 can delivers the flexibility of maintaining an adaptable and secure application infrastructure environment,” said Dorio Bowes, Commercial Director at Westcon-Comstor Sub-Saharan Africa.

Unlike other offerings, F5 Secure Cloud Architecture provides decision-makers with a framework focused on business outcomes and the ability to adapt to continuously evolving environments.

“Even though companies increasingly want to deploy applications in multi-cloud environments, it is challenging to do so consistently while remaining compliant due to the unique aspects of each service provider architecture,” added Bowes.

“By standardising on F5, migration to and between clouds can be accelerated while still delivering consistent and advanced services that make it easier for organisations to support and manage their growing multi-cloud application portfolio. Importantly, F5 Secure Cloud Architecture delivers complete application visibility from the end user, all the way through to the code, to ensure the best possible experience.”

Another key benefit is that F5 solutions feature built-in security measures that help to define and manage security policies. Once completed, these policies are stored in source code repositories for use in continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) automation pipelines. Furthermore, applications can be delivered much faster. Businesses only have to code what is necessary by taking advantage of reusable infrastructure services like Web Application Firewalls and authentication.

“F5’s Secure Cloud Architecture accelerates the transition of an organisation to a multi-cloud environment with virtual application delivery platforms. It is an agile, flexible, and efficient way to deploy advanced application and security services. It also facilitates the implementation of a long-term strategy based on on predictable, reusable patterns. This reduces the tool sprawl that inevitably comes with multiple cloud environments – all while providing the stability and agility required to grow the business,” concludes Bowes.

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