Tarsus On Demand has achieved VMware Cloud Verified status.

The Cloud Verified badge signals to customers that Tarsus On Demand offers a service running on top of the complete VMware Cloud infrastructure.

The company has a history with VMware that spans eight years and currently hosts and provides the full remit of VMware Cloud Infrastructure and VMware Cloud Services within its environment to its resellers, cloud service providers and partners.

“We are delighted to be one of four partners in Southern Africa to be VMware Cloud Verified. This badge not only speaks to the fact that VMware trusts us to deliver on its cloud services, but also offers our customers the peace of mind they require when ensuring cloud portability between their environment and a trusted VMware infrastructure,” says Brendan Haskins, chief technology officer at Tarsus On Demand.

“Many of our customers require a partner that can help them either move, or scale their legacy VMware environment into a virtual datacentre in the cloud. Through our partnership with VMware we can ensure that this migration is seamless as well as help partners reduce the costs of rolling out an on-premise VMware environment at scale,” he adds.

Tarsus On Demand has seen a surge in demand for cloud services as a result of the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Clients who traditionally host their services on-premise were unable to access their systems, let alone maintain them. However, those already comfortable using its Disaster Recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) offering, were confident to upscale workloads into the cloud. According to Haskins, this is heralding a shift for customers from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure mindset.

Through Cloud Verified partner services, customers attain access to the full set of VMware Cloud Infrastructure capabilities including integration and interoperability, cost optimisation and flexibility. Tarsus On Demand will be offering its partners access to bundled server offerings, as well as Backup-as-a-Service and colocation services through its VMware Cloud, which its resellers can then onsell to their end-user customers.

“Partners that are VMware Cloud Verified provide organisations with complete and advanced VMware Cloud technologies, along with interoperability across clouds to maximise the advantage for their customers’ businesses,” says Dave Funnell, cloud provider manager at VMware sub-Saharan Africa. “Tarsus On Demand have, through their efforts to attain their VMware Cloud Verified badge, proved that the services they deliver will offer their partners the efficiency, agility, and reliability inherent in cloud computing. We look forward to providing the company ongoing support as it empowers organisations with a simple and flexible path to the cloud.”