BlackFog, a provider of data privacy and data security solutions, has been included in the list of “Hot Vendors” in the “Hot Vendors in Security and Privacy, 2020” report by Aragon Research.

BlackFog’s data privacy and data security platform provides enterprises with on device data breach protection and prevents the unauthorized collection and transmission of user data over the network. By monitoring the exfiltration of data from the network BlackFog ensures compliance with global privacy and data protection regulations.

“What makes BlackFog hot is its unique approach to data privacy and security. Rather than protecting the perimeter, BlackFog assumes bad actors will get in, or are already persistent, and is able to prevent data exfiltration from the device,” says Jim Lundy, CEO of Aragon Research.

“It is a quite an honor to be included in Aragon’s latest report which has included previous winners such as Zoom, Box, and DocuSign. BlackFog’s disruptive technology reframes the way CISO’s and organizations think about privacy and security. Preventing the problem in the first place allows organizations to bypass the costly post hoc analysis, remediation, and mandatory reporting to keep operations running smoothly,” says Dr Darren Williams, founder and CEO of BlackFog.

Black Fog signed a distribution agreement with Mustek to resell its data privacy and cybersecurity solution as of October 2019.

“This is an exciting announcement, as we believe that it speaks to the unique capabilities that BlackFog brings to the market, which translates into unique and powerful offering for our partners and their clients,” comments Juan-Paul Gough, enterprise solutions development lead at Mustek.

“Privacy is a major concern for organizations and consumers alike in this digital era and BlackFog has a unique approach to protecting it,” Gough adds. “BlackFog detects Fileless attacks in realtime, preventing attackers from removing or leaking any data and ultimately preventing attacks before they happen. Partners looking to add value to their customers will be able to leverage the BlackFog Enterprise platform to offer managed cyber security services.”