Oracle has announced availability of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, a dedicated, cloud-native VMware-based environment that enables enterprises to easily move their production VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides customers with the identical experience in the cloud as in on-premises data centers, and integrates with Oracle’s second-generation cloud infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is available now in all public regions and in customer Dedicated Region cloud instances.

With Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, customers have complete access and control of their VMware environment to run production enterprise applications in the cloud without compromise.

In addition to integration with Oracle Autonomous Database and other Oracle Cloud services, the solution uniquely provides customers with control over versions of vSphere used, security tools, and automation services.

Customers can also migrate existing Oracle apps and databases running on vSphere on premises to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution to take advantage of cloud scale and economics.

Customers can provision and deploy the core feature set and capabilities of VMware Cloud Foundation on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure while using the same industry standard VMware tools to upgrade, patch, and tune their environment, enabling production use for critical workloads.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is VMware Cloud Verified. The service is based on VMware Cloud Foundation to deliver VMware vSphere, NSX, vSAN, and integrated management, and a three-node compute cluster that can scale out to 64 nodes per cluster and multiple clusters in the same environment.

With full access to the underlying host and VMware environment, customers can use key services not available on other public clouds, such as VMware Host Client for ESXi management.

Customers also get control over their VMware service, customers get access to more than 50 Oracle Cloud services that span compute, networking and storage to Containers, Kubernetes, and Digital Assistants that support application modernisation and development.

“We are excited to offer our shared customers access to an Oracle-built, VMware-validated cloud solution that replicates the on-premises experience that people know and love, but is now available in a global hyperscale public cloud,” says Clay Magouyrk, executive vice-president of engineering at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Now, customers can easily migrate industry-standard VMware vSphere workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and benefit from its performance and security, while relying on Oracle for full support and services.”

Mark Lohmeyer, senior vice-president and GM: cloud services business unit at VMware, comments: “Building new digital services. Scaling business-critical apps. Enabling a remote workforce. Applications sit at the core of addressing these challenges, and hybrid cloud opens the door to cost-effective enterprise application scalability, flexibility, and modernisation.

“Through consistent VMware infrastructure and operations, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution enables our mutual customers to migrate and modernize enterprise applications, and seamlessly move workloads between on-premises environments and Oracle Cloud, all with access to Oracle’s full portfolio of cloud services.”