ITR Technology is partnering with Bitdefender and Cyber Security South Africa to support corporations in securing their endpoints.

According to an iDefense research report (2020), South Africa has the third-highest number of cyber-crime victims worldwide, losing approximately R2,2-billion a year to cyber-attacks.

Philip Slimowitz, CEO of ITR Technology, says: “This shows a big need for companies of all sizes to invest in endpoint security solutions. We have also seen that remote working has provided cyber-criminals with a prime opportunity to target devices, especially those that do not necessarily have adequate IT security measures in place.

“In addition, as the PoPI Act came into effect on 1 July 2020, IT service providers should be offering more data protection and security solutions. We want to be able to offer our customers the best solutions for this.”

Simon Campbell-Young, head of transactional business at Cyber Security South Africa (CSSA), comments: “It is not merely about adding another anti-virus product to your portfolio. It is rather about expanding a security network and educating businesses and consumers to incorporate endpoint security solutions as a part of a broader cyber-security strategy.

“In the last year we have also seen news reports on that South African companies such as Eskom, Nedbank and the City of Johannesburg face malware infections, data breaches and ransomware attacks, some being held to ransom for millions of Rands.

“We need to assist small companies as well as larger corporations to understand their security risks and better secure themselves. We are fortunate enough to have experienced software distributors coming on board for these needs.”