VMware Cloud Provider Partners have heeded the call for remote working functionality that helps facilitate the new normal and have been the catalyst of work from home solutions used by many businesses during the recent pandemic.

Typically, VMware Cloud Providers deliver VMware Cloud Infrastructure as a Service to their clients. These cloud-based services are powered by VMware Cloud Foundation technologies including VMware vSphere, vSAN, and NSX and offer support for apps – from existing to cloud-native to SaaS – across private, public, and hybrid clouds.

“Silicon Sky’s Cloud Services not only comprises of best of breed products. It also provides complete flexibility to scale capacity up and down when needed with a self-service portal for complete control of your server(s), with no setup or internet traffic charges. Allowing you to access your servers from wherever you may be working from,” says Benton Halsted, MD of Silicon Sky.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the pandemic has driven up cloud adoption and the need for cloud services. As an example, in a recent research report by database company MariaDB, 40% of respondents globally said Covid-19 is accelerating their move to the cloud.

“Our cloud provider partners are the true heroes of this pandemic. These partners have been able to help customers keep the lights on, scale rapidly, and enabled them to ensure business continuity and resilience. All at a time when the future is wrought with uncertainty,” says Dave Funnell, cloud provider manager at VMware Sub-Saharan Africa.

“We recently helped celebrate these partners with the launch of our Cloud Heroes awareness campaign. The message we want the market to know is that it is our partner’s cloud and our technology – but together we are helping people go to work every day.”

By offering a range of VMware-based cloud services, VMware cloud provider partners can offer hybrid cloud solutions that quickly and seamlessly extend their customers’ data centres into the cloud. This could be a greenfield site, or a customer already using VMware on-premise but that need to scale into the cloud.

Services include infrastructure-as-a-service, disaster recovery or desktop-as-a-service, all which help customers benefit from decreased time to market, reduced capital investment and lower development costs to stay competitive in the cloud computing market.

Andrew Cruise, MD of Routed, a VMware Cloud Verified partner, says to work closely with VMware brings significant strength to the Routed offering, as they are one of the only providers to offer the full spectrum of cloud offerings.

These cloud heroes are not based only in South Africa; Cybercloud in Nigeria has also been able to extend its reach and its services to clients.

“VMware, the technology partner of Cybercloud infrastructure, made working from home possible and seamless,” says Laurel Onumonu, head of cloud business at Cybercloud Platform Limited, Lagos. “The technology lets users sign into their application irrespective of their location, to enable them to carry out their daily office tasks without limitation. The technology has given birth to an office without walls.”