Kathy Gibson reports from the virtual Huawei Connect – In the face of global challenges, Huawei is embracing and extending its partnering efforts.

“Non-stop aggression has put Huawei under pressure,” says Guo Ping, rotating chairman of Huawei. “But we are looking forward to opening a new chapter with our partners.”

The company has committed to work with willing and capable partners to grow their joint businesses. “We stand together with our partners through thick and thin,” Ping says. “Together we will succeed in creating greater value, and provide customers with best possible products and services.

“Walt Whitman said ‘keep your face to sunshine and shadows will fall behind you’. 2020 has been a grave and uncertain time. But let’s keep our faces to the sunshine and we will get through it.”

Peng Zhongyang, board member and president of Huawei Enterprise Group, describes 2020 as an extraordinary year, with the pandemic impacting every person and organisation.

“This year work, life and learning of everyone has changed,” he says.

Digitalisation has served as the foundation for much of this change.

Society has changed profoundly and triggered new demands, Zhongyang points out. Meanwhile industry has seen the need to change as well.

“Looking towards the future, digital transformation will unleash the huge potential of diverse industries.”

However, digital transformation for industry is a complex process and can’t be performed by technology partners on their own.

“Organisations need to identify the different scenarios to be digitalised, by applying technology, industry know-how and practice.”

In a new digital era, the collaboration of the five technology domains – connectivity, computing, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and industry applications – will enable people things and information to be connected at all levels, Zhongyang says.

“Working together, we can also broaden the boundaries of traditional industries to open up infinite possibilities.”

He cites examples including coal mining, where Huawei has worked with mines to automate operations, increasing both efficiency and safety – and saving billions of yuan in the process.

“It is not about disrupting industries, but enabling them to be better. You need to find people who know the industry, and let them sit in the cockpit.

“The customer has the insight into the future of their industries, and Huawei has the technology to make it happen.

“When you converge the innovation of technology and business, the strong will emerge.

“As a fellow traveler, we deeply engage in the digital practices of our customers.”