TechSoft International, the exclusive territory partner for TIBCO Software, says the recent global TIBCO NOW 2020 online conference highlighted the importance of data in driving innovation for businesses looking to capitalise on digital transformation.

At the event, which featured more than 50 live breakout sessions, TechSoft customers and partners were introduced to TIBCO’s latest product updates and announced a key partnership with robotic process automation (RPA) leader WorkFusion to further realise its vision of creating deeper connections between people and technology.

The partnership will enhance the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh vision and service that provides customers with expert guidance on their application architecture modernisation journeys.

According to TechSoft, product announcements made supporting the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh include:

* TIBCO Cloud Integration – Big Basin Release: Customers can now monitor applications in a single view, whether it is cloud, hybrid architectures, and on-premise. It also now features native integration with WorkFusion RPA to enable the full spectrum of connectivity from APIs to intelligent document automation at scale.

* TIBCO Cloud Mesh: Users can now create and discover assets from anywhere and to anywhere in TIBCO Cloud, such as APIs, flows, events, or integrations.

* TIBCO BusinessEvents 6: This enhanced offering brings powerful, contextual event processing to the cloud-native world, contextually processing business events in real time and at maximum scale in the cloud.

* TIBCO BPM Enterprise 5: Providing deep digital process automation at hyperscale, this supports an all-new user experience and can be deployed natively as containers on cloud platforms.

“The concurring theme at the event was definitely pinned to how much the world around us has changed and how businesses need to embrace this change to drive sustainable innovation. Data remains a core component of this, but critically we need to ensure that the baseline infrastructure and applications organisations have in place can support this pivot,” says Clinton Scott, MD of TechSoft International.

“One example is the WorkFusion partnership and TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh product updates which enable companies to make fast, smart, and connected decisions at scale in a highly engaging, responsive, and personalised manner.”

TIBCO also announced a disruptive approach to analytics using the TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics. This solution provides immersive, smart, and real-time analytics for data-driven businesses. Forming part of this, the company introduced TIBCO Spotfire 11 and TIBCO Cloud Data Streams.

Essentially, Hyperconverged Analytics shortens the time to insights, while the new Spotfire 11 shortens the time to custom analytics creation. They combine data management and data science with real-time data to drive business insights, decisions, and actions.

The third component of this, TIBCO Cloud Data Streams, is one of the first cloud-based, real-time streaming business intelligence platforms, delivering click-simple access to real-time data for visualisations in Spotfire.

“Using these analytics solutions, TechSoft clients can detect emerging trends and patterns as they occur, anticipate future conditions, and take action when it matters most,” adds Scott.

Another innovation launched was the TIBCO Any Data Hub, an all-encompassing data management blueprint that embraces distributed data environments. The framework offers the required capabilities to support the demand for accurate and consistent data across the organisation with trust and control, aligning IT and the business.

It delivers a simplified data strategy for distributed data environments and enables companies to build modern data architectures such as a data fabric, logical data warehouse, or data-as-a-service.

A central part of the TIBCO Any Data Hub strategy is the recently released TIBCO Data Virtualization 8.3. This provides a series of enhancements that enable customers to break down data silos and present a unified view of data.

“Data underpins everything the modern organisation does. These announcements integrate all the relevant, mission-critical components of data management, analysis, and availability to equip the modern cloud-enabled business with the innovations to rapidly transform operations and cater for evolving customer demand,” concluded Scott.