Stricter measures have been put in place to safeguard schools, from protective face masks to social distancing. Teachers have also indicated that they don’t want schools to be the reason for the next wave of the virus and have now introduced innovative tech to make schools safer.

Many schools are now refusing cash payments, they are using alternative payment methods such as Karri. The app removes the use of cash and means parents no longer need to come onto the school premises to make payments.

Powered by Nedbank, Karri is a mobile payment app helps parents make safe, quick and convenient payments to their school from the safety of their home. The app has helped move millions in cash through secure, trackable online transfers.

Karri CEO Doug Hoernle says hygiene interventions play an important role in reducing and preventing the spread of viruses. “It is therefore critical for schools to teach students personal hygiene. There are guidelines that provide recommendations on hygiene measures to be implemented in the school environment.”

School hygiene measures must include education and awareness of the spread of the virus, symptoms thereof and personal protective measures. More importantly, these hygiene practices should continue outside the school environment in order to keep the school community safe.

“There are many reasons why schools need to go cashless, it’s healthier, cleaner and safer for everyone. Cash and debit or credit cards carry germs and nasty microbes for up to 48 hours. So why do we insist on sending dirty money to school with our kids,” he adds.

Currently being used in over 1 000 schools nationwide, the Karri platform offers a fully comprehensive financial management and payment system that schools can use to manage accounts.

Remove all of the anxiety by adding all of your school collections on to Karri. The payment system allows schools to create collections online within minutes. Parents then simply download the Karri app, create a profile and make the payment.

Schools can become more efficient, they can save hours of administration time, improve efficiency and provide transparency on financial reports. It will also saving the finance team hours and hours of painful reconciliations.

One can use the Karri system to track every payment made to the school even if this is not via Karri. Plus, you can send out reminders to parents who are yet to pay.

Hoernle says Karri has also added a new feature to safeguard everyone. “We now offer a screening function. This is the simplest way to screen children and staff in the comfort of their homes before they arrive on the school premises.”

Bidvest Waltons and Karri recently announced a partnership that will ensure a safe, simple and convenient Back To School experience. Parents will now be able to purchase their Waltons Stationery Packs securely through the Karri app.