Ellies Electronics has partnered with asset finance services business the Rental Company to provide businesses with rent-to-own solar solutions.

“An increasing number of businesses are looking for alternative energy solutions in the midst of increasing electricity tariffs and the unpredictability of the national power grid,” says Shaun Prithivirajh, CEO of Ellies Electronics.

Alternative energy solutions, like solar power, provide considerable savings on operational expenses and protect companies from unplanned power interruptions such as load shedding. In addition, larger organisations are shifting towards greener solutions that are kinder to the environment by opting to invest in energy solutions that will reduce their carbon footprint.

“Our renewable energy solutions will effectively manage your company’s bottom-line. We have a global supplier network with best in class products available to customers,” says Prithivirajh.

However, while the long-term benefits of alternative energy solutions are clear, moving off the grid, albeit partly, requires significant short-term investment. Under the current economic climate, this is simply not an option for many businesses.

“Our partnership with Ellies will allow businesses of any size to invest in solar power without the requirement of large cash payments upfront. Instead, cash can be directed to revenue-generating activities while allowing businesses to invest in solar with payment terms of 3 to 5 years. With more than 20 years’ experience in specialised asset finance services and access to a large network of funders, the Rental Company is best placed to help Ellies customers fund solar solutions,” says CornĂ© du Plessis, director of the Rental Company.

With a wide range of solar solutions, Ellies Electronics offers full-service photovoltaic (PV) solar solutions that transform sunlight into direct current electricity. In addition, a cloud-based monitoring system, available online or via mobile app, monitors energy production in real-time to ensure the system is always up and running.