Crosscall, which specialises in developing durable products, offers users a three-year warranty on its Core product range.

Julien Fouriot, Crosscall’s African sales director, says the three year warranty represents the first step in the company’s mission to discard a consumerist mobile market and move towards a market based on user’s needs and on more durable products.

“The reality is that that the mobile phone market will never be the most eco-friendly industry,” he says. “Despite this, the industry cannot afford to neglect the obvious urgency to save the planet’s resources.”

Crosscall’s foundational value is to answer user needs while at the same respecting user expectations. What this ensures, says Fouriot, is a focus on product durability while rejecting all planned obsolescence. This is also the company’s starting point in terms of developing a solution to the environmental issues created by the mobile phone industry.

Independent laboratory tests conducted on Crosscall’s Trekker-X4 smartphone concluded that the device had a battery life of 39 months.

“Essentially, what this means is that for 39 months users are assured that their battery will not lose performance. This has significant implications for the B2B market as it means that with more durable mobile devices businesses don’t need to replace their mobile fleet as regularly – which means lower costs for the business.”

In 2019, Crosscall was selected by SNCF, a French rail company, to equip their train and station employees with Trekker-X4 mobile smartphones. The tender was awarded based on the results of intense testing by an independent laboratory. The three criteria that determined the result of the tender were battery autonomy, product robustness, and a device life expectancy of 39 months.

Crosscall requested the same laboratory to conduct the identical testing protocol on its new product range. The laboratory’s report stated all the products had a life expectancy of 36 months to 39 months under normal conditions of use. The three-year guarantee, says Fouriot, has been implemented based on the results of this laboratory testing.

He adds that even though Crosscall’s devices are more expensive at the outset than classic smartphones, the total cost of ownership over the lifespan of the device is lower as they last longer than their classic counterparts due to a significantly longer battery life and the fact that there is less breakage.

Crosscall’s three year warranty applies to both its Core range as well as future products. The Core range includes three smartphones and the first Crosscall tablet. The latter product, the Core T-4, is a rugged, high-performance, all terrain, water-resistant tablet which has been specifically designed for industry use and which conforms to a range of military tests. One of its biggest benefits is extensive standby battery time of more than 750 hours ends.