Fujitsu’s mobile workstation range has a new leader of the pack, with the introduction today of the powerful and ultra-secure Fujitsu Workstation Celsius H7510.
The 15,6-inch model offers complete peace of mind and real workstation power on the move – making it ideal for business users such as engineers as well as architects, creative professionals and digital content creators.
As the new flagship of Fujitsu’s mobile workstation range, the Celsius H7510 has the latest CPU, graphics, memory and display technologies. And there is much more than power and graphics finesse on offer too. The Celsius H7510 is also the world’s most secure workstation thanks to the option of adding PalmSecure, Fujitsu’s ultra-secure biometric palm vein authentication system.
With support for professional graphics up to the NVidia Quadro RTX 3000 VR-ready graphics card and certifications from software vendors, the CELSIUS H7510 offers enterprise-level performance on core creative, engineering and architectural design software applications, including Adobe Premiere Pro, 3dsMax, Creo, SolidWorks, CATIA, AutoCAD and ALLPLAN. To maximize the benefit of its graphics capability, the new Celsius workstation also has an improved display quality, with full high definition (FHD) HDR400 and up to 100% sRGB for optimum color and contrast rendition.
The new system can be specified with up to 128GB of memory and a 4TB SSD drive2, and there’s a choice between the latest, 10th generation Intel Core processor range, or the powerful Intel Xeon W-10885M processor.
Even though engineers and creative professionals work on increasingly massive datasets, the Celsius H7510’s lightweight design makes it easy to carry around to showcase designs and virtual reality concepts at events or customer sites. When working from the office or studio, productivity is maximized, too. The Celsius H7510 provides convenient and practical docking, with the choice between a mechanical and a Thunderbolt 3 Port Replicator.