Tech Wise Solutions has signed an agreement with Retruster to act as its sole distributor on the African continent.

Retruster – an add-on to a user’s email service, that constantly guards against phishing attacks using the most advanced tools – was developed by two ex-pat South African cyber-security specialists in Israel.

“Once malware is deployed into your system, often by clicking a link in an email, the attacker can essentially do what they want. They can take data and sell it on the dark web; they can shut you down and demand ransom in order to release your data. All these things have implications from both a financial aspect and from the data security and regulatory aspect,” says Michael Snape, CEO of Retruster.

“Retruster is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that checks incoming emails for signs of ransomware, phishing and fraud. It is really intuitive to use and warns of incoming attacks, gives specific information, and presents information in a user-friendly and accessible way everyone can relate to,” says Garry Kondakov, CEO of Tech Wise Solutions.

“The system performs hundreds of checks in a split second, without influencing the speed of a user’s system or their emails. No downloads are necessary. It all lives in the cloud, so you just add it to your email with a click, and you’re ready to go. Retruster works well with all anti-virus and anti-spam products. We recommend a multi-layered approach, where Retruster is your last line of defence against phishing attempts,” says Kondakov.

When a user gets an email that shows signs of ransomware, phishing or fraud, they are automatically warned within Outlook by the Retruster add-on and given the reasons behind the warning. It complies with the highest standards of data protection, including being Microsoft approved and GDPR compliant.