Data presented by Buy Shares indicates that e-commerce platform was the fifth most visited website globally in September 2020, attracting 5,2-billion visitors.

The research ranked the top 10 most visited websites in September, and emerged top with 105-billion visitors. ranked second with 36,4-billion visitors, followed by with 25,3-billion visitors. In the fourth slot, there is, with 17,5-billion visitors.

Photo sharing platform ranked sixth with 5,2-billion visitors, followed by at 4,9-billion visitors. Adult website ranks eight with 4,9-billion visitors. had 4,5-billion visitors, followed by with 4,3-billion visitors.

Among the top 10 most visited websites, was the only e-commerce platform. The research ties Amazon’s popularity to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the research report: “During the period, Amazon was among the beneficiaries, as many people turned to e-commerce services to purchase essential items. Most governments imposed lockdowns limiting the movement of people to curb the spread of the virus.

“Amazon should expect more traffic as different regions continue to battle with a second wave of the health crisis. In general, changes in consumer preferences are reflected in Amazon’s traffic.”

The research also analyzed the top 1- Google search queries during Q3 2020. The word Google was top with an Index of 100.

Other search queries that made it to the list include Facebook (81), YouTube (76), Weather (52), News (46), Amazon (37), Translate (35), Whatsapp (30), Instagram (29), and Videos (27).