Digital transformation has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, and organisations around the world are looking to modernise their systems to streamline business processes.

In fact, many companies were already on the digital journey before, but this year has pushed them to ensure their businesses are more automated, accessible and secure.

Jason Jenkinson, country marketing manager of Dell Technologies, says many organisations were able to pivot quickly when the crisis hit because they had the protocols, VPNs and remote access tools already in place.

“Going into 2021, I think we’ll see the hybrid work style that has characterised 2020 will continue to develop. A lot of organisations have now seen that it’s possible, and they don’t necessarily want to get all their people back into the office. We expect that the hybrid style of work will continue into the new year.”

These and other trends will be discussed at Dell Technologies Forum, taking place online this week.

The event itself is a microcosm of the new way of doing things, Jenkinson points out. “I don’t think people are going to go back to the old way of doing events, although eventually we may move away from purely virtual events as well. I think we will end of with a hybrid model where some people will be present physically and some will log in from remote locations.

“There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed the world. We won’t be going back to the old ways of doing things, but will see a change in the way people leverage technology.”

There are a lot of advantages to the new models, Jenkinson adds. “Look at Dell Technologies Forum as an example: people from all over SADC are attending the event virtually. Previously many of these people wouldn’t have had the opportunity to attend because it was limited to people who could come to the Sandton Convention Centre. So the virtual event is a great opportunity for people from other regions and countries to experience the event and hear the Dell messaging.”

Conscious of the fact that many in the IT industry might have been exposed to a number of online events over the last few months, Jenkinson says his team has made sure Dell Technologies Forum offers something for everyone in an action-packed and diverse line-up.

“We are covering as many topics as possible so there is a wide choice for delegates; and we are also making sure it is as entertaining as possible.”

For a start, being virtual means there’s a much wider range of speakers available. Presenters at the Forum include Dell founder, chairman and CEO Michael Dell; global chief technology officer John Rose, international president Aongus Hegarty; and local country manager Doug Woolley.

On top of this, delegates will have access to another 27 sessions, so they really will be spoilt for choice, Jenkinson says.

The tracks are flexible IT, digital workplace, and innovating through data.

There’ll be a wide range of information available, but also a lot of fun and diverting content. Peter Steph du Toit will talk about the Springboks, which Jacques Nieanber will share how sport is leveraging technology to improve the game.

“We have been running a series of online events and have learnt that you can’t just have someone delivering a presentation,” Jenkinson says. “People have to want to hear what you are telling them; and it needs to be entertaining.

“For Dell Technologies Forum, we have brought the best presenters from around the world, so delegates have access to the cutting edge of technology from global experts.”

Delegates will also have online access to subject matter experts who can answer any queries and offer additional information.

“We are making the event as engaging as possible: it’s not just about one-way communication,” Jenkinson says.

Great prizes are also up for grabs, including MacLaren and Springbok merchandise.


Dell Technologies Forum will take place on 25 November. More information is available here.