Data presented by Stock Apps indicates that the global interest in the keyword bitcoin has soared by 112,76% year-over-year.

The peak popularity of 100 was recording the week ending on 15 November 2020.

A year ago, the popularity score was at 47. During the week ending 17 May this year, the popularity hit 97%. During this period, bitcoin underwent the halving event. The least search popularity was recorded during the last week of 2019 at 38.

In terms of regional interest, Nigeria topped with a peak popularity of 100. Other countries with significant search volume include South Africa (41), Ghana (38), Austria (38), Switzerland (37), Germany (30), Cyprus (30), Slovenia (28), Netherlands (28), and Kenya (25).

The research also reviewed the bitcoin search interest in the US, which primarily reflected the global trend. In the US, the week ending 15 November, 200 recorded the highest interest at 100 points.

The research highlighted some of the top reasons behind the recent bitcoin popularity. According to the research report: “It is worth mentioning that bitcoin’s current attention has been accelerated by interest from institutions.

“Institutions have been credited with leading to the price surge, unlike in 2017 when the ICO frenzy and retail investors were driving a price surge. The institutional investment shows trust in the digital asset from a significant place of power and publicity in the media.”